Product Thinking

Little more than a year had passed since the first version of the product (MVP) was released. In an effort to create the next generation of this product, we gathered feedback from real users and brainstormed a new approach to the business model. Our main priority was to develop a space for real-life nutritionists to improve the eating habits of thousands of people. Our goal was very clear. We had to provide the most worthwhile experience possible for our mobile app users. So, we decided to put our heads together to come up with the best prototype solutions. It was all hands on deck!

Personal meal plans designed just for you.

How did we help the Agita Gym team?


React, React Native, Node.js


Web & mobile


Design & development


We started to sketch ideas on paper

After several meetings, prototypes and a grueling research process, both the mobile app and web app underwent an extensive series of decision-making on tested and approved UX.

Introduction. All available info.

We conducted various tests to create an intro that would contain all available user info that was short, simple, and fast.

How did we showcase the meal plan?

We did several test runs to provide the user with the best solution for their needs. This included all of the meal plans, nutritionist feedback, individual food recipes, and goal indicators.

What about the physical fitness plan?

The app also allows you to view your training plan. We tackled the physical fitness plan using the same process we used in the meal plan. We looked for a way to provide users with a convenient way to monitor their physical activity during their training, step by step.

We also redesigned the logo and the icon for various app stores.

Previous logo

Redesigned logo

Here are some illustrations to represent empty states and help simplify the user experience
We built all the necessary features to scale the project

We designed and developed a menu interface containing nutritional and physical fitness variables. We created a message platform for users and professionals and a schedule showing the business hours of every available gym. We also used gamification to reward the users for their progress and many other things.

The client can manage all content.

We came up with a web app that works as a tool, so that all of the roles within the project can participate and add value to the product.