Product Thinking

Our goal was to create a system that was apt to be franchised so that each unit could be managed in an orderly and autonomous fashion. At the same time, we had to design a mobile solution so that the users could have a better shopping experience focused on improving the levels of assistance thereby facilitating the service dynamics in the process.

Improve our client’s Experience
How did we help the DermaClinic team?


Sketch, Zeplin, Invision


Web & mobile


UX / UI design

We started by creating a User journey that enabled us to design an interface focused on the users

We monitored the user’s entire experience with the client, the issues and dislikes they encountered to attack the problem areas as soon as possible. We chose medium quality wireframes based on Material Design and started to come up with various solutions.


After performing beta testing with users, and repeating the testing process to double check the menu interface of the app, we managed to work out all the kinks, functions and enhance the level of usability. The final step was to create a UI Kit and place the trademark to all of the screens while looking for the correct consistency and respecting the patterns of elements in the UI of the whole system.

An app that will accompany you every step of the way

We dedicated ourselves to finding solutions for all potential problems that each user had throughout the client service process. Request and manage appointments, begin the check-in process upon arrival, spend time in the waiting room, rate the service, make a new appointment for the next session and start a new treatment… each step has its own proper solution.

The other challenge

How to make the solution scalable to other stores? Will they have the same issues or will new issues arise? Our objective was to design a system that could be introduced to every franchise. Research, user reports, proto-personas, interviews. We used different methods to improve both the concepts and solutions. Once we had it all laid out on the table, we initiated a process with the help of a User story mapping that helped us to manage a Flow Chart of the entire system to validate the scope of the MVP.

UI Kit

We devised a kit with all the components that were going to be used in various screens looking for a pattern system and following the good practices and a unified form of communication.

An easy to use system that’s organized and highly responsive

We wanted the product to provide short, simple processing actions for all types of users. Each role has access to unique actions. Among many, we created menu interfaces to manage schedules, appointments, treatments, sessions, quotes, and the list goes on…

Mobile First

As always, we insert the web app responsive template by first resolving all of the user experience in mobile devices and then later we implemented it to tablets and PCs.