Product Thinking

Get to a brewery. Order, pay, and pickup. It takes seconds! All from the convenience of your phone; no lines and no wait time. When they presented this business plan to us, we went full throttle with the client team to come up with the MVP for this product. There was a lot to figure out and not a lot of time to do it. We chose to begin with the Lean Inception format.

The power to order is at your fingertips.
How did we help the Fudex team?


React, React Native


Web & mobile


Design & development


We started brainstorming the MVP through a User story mapping

We debated over the main features that the product would require based on what we assumed the steps each user would most likely take. We focused on the essential characteristics and hatched a plan of repetitive sequences, adding value in each cycle.

Scan Your QR to begin ordering

We performed several test runs to ensure we didn’t leave any possible solution out of the equation. We found the most effortless way to place an order in the system and process the payment. We used the cameras on the devices so that the users could scan a QR code and retrieve their orders.

Order selection and “My Account”

We created a menu interface so that users could find and select products from the menu easily.

We also built tons of features necessary to scale the project.

Using feedback from beta testers, we moved forward with various functions, such as: returns, tips, and forms of payment, among others.

Besides, we redesigned the logo and icon for the app stores

Previous logo

Redesigned logo


Here are some illustrations to represent empty states and help simplify the user experience
Immediate pickup at the brewery and payment history

In order to put an end to epic long lines, we implemented a system in which users can directly pickup their drinks from the bar by showing the ticket from their phone app.

All of the management tools are available in one specific location

Along with the mobile app, we developed a web app so that breweries and restaurants would have all of the order information, while also allowing clients to monitor their products.