Product Building

Get the type of assistance you’re looking for when you have a real problem, a serious problem. Do you need an ambulance? Are you experiencing a robbery, a kidnapping or a violent gender situation? This app was created to work efficiently and fast on your cellphone despite any stressful situation. That’s what Basapp is and this is the path we crossed alongside their team to create it.

You can be Safer

How did we help the Basapp team?


NodeJS, Angular, Ionic


Web & mobile


Design & development


Every beautiful story begins with pencil and paper

We started jotting down some of the phrases and ideas that defined the nature of the product well. Right off the bat, we envisioned what the product would be and what it would never become. We tossed one idea around with another until we had to sketch it to continue brainstorming.

Validating Insights With Lo-fi Prototypes

Once the ideas were all set up, we went on to validate them with people through simple low quality prototypes. In the process of searching for ways to validate the concept, we digitalized some of the prototypes to talk with real people who could represent well the user archetypes that we had defined.

Defining the MVP and Building the Product

The business concept was defined. The business model was clear. It was time to narrow down the functionalities and define what was necessary to do now and what we could do later. We used the MoSCoW technique to define the backlog and started a design in hi-fi to later begin the coding process.

Iterating the Product with the First Clients

The assumptions and the insights of the first phase take a different form when there is feedback from real people who are using the product. Basapp isn’t the exception to the rule, and it was necessary to listen and work hard based on the new valuable information that users were providing.

Building Functionalities to Escalate

We began with a specific functionality to later offer more services and resolve known issues better. That was the path that Basapp was going through. Every passing month implied that the product had increased its benefits by adding a new service or had improved the way it solved a problem.

In addition, we designed their logo and icon for the stores
Extending the Model Towards B2G

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? When we initially came up with the product, we asked ourselves if it was convenient to design a business oriented at private organizations or government entities. We decided to start with B2B while building the B2G product at the same time. We took user information and built a product which was designed for the security of the neighbors from various cities and provinces.

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