A customized solution to run retail stores. Fully integrated with wholesale stores and distributors. A point of sale (POS) system designed to easily process numerous transactions in high volume wholesale stores. The challenge? To design and develop the next version of your POS.

THE Point of Sale
How did we assist the GlobalTill team?


React, Redux, Electron


Desktop App


Design & Development


Here we go!

When we began working alongside the GlobalTill team, their business already relied on a product that resolved their customers’ problems with ease. It didn’t take us long to figure out what we had to focus on to polish, simplify, and stylize the UX of the entire POS. We separated the functionalities into large modules, studied the different interactions, established some use cases and defined the general criteria that all the sections should adhere to. And where to begin? We chose to begin the redesign process through the functionalities and sections most commonly used by the customers.

UX Decisions

We positioned the most important information at the center of the screen where it could be seen without straining one’s eyesight. We highlighted the totals at the bottom of the screen and made their presence more eye-catching. White space was reserved to make the contrast stand out, and for design cleanup purposes. We used a button scheme and primary colors for the main actions and secondary colors for the less relevant actions. Greens and reds were used to represent correct and incorrect actions, and we combined rarely used actions into a single button. We did this over and over until a satisfactory result was obtained.

One Concept for the Entire Product

Once we built a solid design for the main sections, we moved onto expanding the concept towards the rest of the solution. GlobalTill is a very complete product but it should appear and seem simple. Log-in, Products, Customers, Payments, Configurations, and more. Every single one of the specific sections had to be consistent with the selected design patterns.

The Twist

In regard to the Point of Sale (POS), each purchase goes through a process that includes different stages, each having multiple alternatives. To illustrate, we simplified the way the payment process is viewed by allocating a large part of the screen to it. That way, the seller can have the means of payment enabled for that particular buyer and choose the payment method that is applicable. Simple, intuitive and consistent with the rest of the product.

Created for Different Purposes

The product is used on touch screens as well as on traditional keyboards. The challenge involved making a unique design that could provide a good user experience on both types of devices. We developed a product that not only adapts to different sizes and screen resolutions, but also provides a good experience on both types of devices.

White Labeling

Once we finished designing and developing the new version of the product, we started to create new functionalities. One of those functionalities is the White Label option, so that GlobalTill customers can use the product with the colors of their own brand. By simply setting some colors, the entire system takes the client's branding.