Product Building

An amazing liquor store in Canada that has more than 8,000 items/products in stock, with wonderful customer service; and pricing policies that can’t be missed. They’re an important player in the market, have great potential and know their customers very well. The challenge? To take their digital business to the next level. Here we go!

The Wine Market with AmaZYN prices
How did we assist the ZYN Team?


React, Gatsby, Shopify




Design & Development



Whenever we start working with a “traditional” business that seeks to digitize its services, we ask ourselves some simple questions. Did the service exist before we took on the Project? Is the market segment well defined? Is there a way to solve customer issues? In cases like this our kickoff (start off point) is to fully understand who we are selling to, what we are selling, and how we are doing it. Once we understand the starting point then we can move forward to the client’s pain points and the business constraints.

Where to go and How to Do it

The ZYN team had good assumptions, actual metrics of their customers' consumption and plenty of knowledge about their own business. There truly was enormous potential to grow and succeed. We started working on the client’s pain points and on those interactions that could be tweaked to provide a better experience. There was a lot to improve in the UX.

Clients > Business > Technology

Technology must always be at the service of business and business must always be ready to assist clients. In our humble opinion, there is no other way around this. Once we have identified the problems, we start building and implementing software solutions that improve the sales experience and help the business. Alongside the ZYN team, we decided to keep Shopify as an e-commerce platform, and we worked hard on the design and the frontend to start providing a shopping experience closer to the one we were looking for.

Build. Measure. Learn.

Whenever we came across difficulties either on web or on mobile, we devised new solutions and the process was iterated. We implemented solid e-commerce practices, used tools to measure and understand how the platform was being used. In addition, we tested a couple of new ideas.

Many Possible Paths

The whole theme of wine is a world within itself. There’s no such thing as a suitable wine choice for everyone, just like all customers don’t take the same route every time they decide to make a purchase. To satisfy the varying purchase choices, we created a number of different routes. Searches, categorization, filters, choice by countries, regions and varietals, among others.

Customized Wine Crates

What if we allow people to choose their own wine crates according to their own taste? When the ZYN team-after analyzing many of the customers’ orders-proposed us to offer customized wine crates, we set the goal of creating a digital experience to bring the concept to life. We created a Wizard with Gatsby.js that would allow customers to choose the varietals and provenances of each bottle in the crate so they could buy wine based on their preference and budget.