Product Delivery Team

Transform your ideas into a digital product with the help of a remote team

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Acquire a team that believes in solutions to turn your business vision into reality. Locating the right people to move your idea forward or assist you in escalating your product is a great challenge. In software teams, skills and experience, as well as the way challenges are handled are decisive factors in achieving objectives or staying on track.

Creating a development team is no simple task. Not only does it involve finding the right people, but it’s also necessary that those people work better as a team than on their own. Of course, to build it, you need conviction, lots of time, and a sufficient amount of money.

If you would rather avoid the time and costs required to create an in-house team or if you simply prefer to count on one partner that can resolve that business vector, then we can help you. The vision and high-quality objective are in your hands while we take care of designing a product that your clients will love to use.
Project Manager
Is the individual in charge of managing, intervening and making sense of each of the actions that form part of the project. They’re also responsible for optimizing resources to ensure that all objectives are completed in a timely manner.
Product Designer
Is in charge of the entire digital product’s creative process, which begins with understanding the real issues of everyday people in order to later think of and design strategies and solutions that can resolve these issues.
Software Developer
With expertise in JavaScript (Node.js, React, React Native), they are in charge of building, maintaining and debugging the product’s code that will allow your clients to obtain value while allowing you to build or grow your business.
QA Specialist
They are in charge of ensuring that the product meets the quality criteria and functions as expected. Their work objective is to ensure that whoever uses the product has a satisfying experience doing so.
"Gettin' good players is easy. Gettin' 'em to play together is the hard part."
Casey Stengel